This site requires a browser – like Firefox – which supports MathML.

Firemath - The MathML Editor

[2012-05-18] Firemath 0.9 submitted. Release notes.

Firemath is an extension for Firefox. With Firemath you quickly and easily generate equations and formulas as simple as y = x 2 or as complex as... well, see our examples page.

  • Firemath is a MathML editor.
  • Firemath is free software published under GPL v3.
  • Supports most MathML 2 presentation markup elements.
  • Requires hardly any knowledge on MathML.
  • Runs on all operating systems supported by Firefox.
  • Allows to copy the MathML code to the clipboard.
  • Allows to save the MathML code into a file.
  • Allows to copy an equation bitmap to the clipboard.
  • Allows to save a bitmap of the equation on disk.
  • Extensive keyboard support.
  • Interprets simple LaTeX expressions.
  • Open MathML equations on web pages in Firemath.
  • New: Copy/paste
  • ...

Firemath is not a toy. Use Firemath to generate professional equations. The rich feature set and the quirks of MathML force you to understand the concepts behind Firemath first. Use our discussion board if you have ideas on how the user interface could be improved.

On this site you find installation instructions and various examples. Firemath beginners might want to start with reading the page on editing concepts. See also the frequently asked questions. If you are missing a feature, have a question, or found a bug, please visit our discussion board.