Firemath - The MathML Editor

Firemath Release Notes

Firemath 0.9

  • New: Insert MathML content from file at cursor position
  • New: (copy/paste) Paste at cursor position
  • New: (copy/paste) Copy object under cursor to clipboard
  • New: (copy/paste) Copy parts of equation to clipboard
  • Fix: Understands/ignores <semantics> element when interpreting MathML
  • Fix: Unicode elements in attributes of fences did not work

Firemath 0.8

  • Compatible with FF9 - FF12
  • New: Context menu "Edit in Firemath"
  • New: Tab with letter like symbols
  • New: Optional transparent backgrounds when saving or copying images
  • New: mtable support when reading files
  • Fix: Attributes open and close were treated incorrectly when reading files

Firemath 0.7

  • Compatible with FF6 - FF9
  • New: First (incomplete and partially tested) implementation for reading MathML files
  • Fix: Parameter linethickness in mfrac treats percentages correct, now

Firemath 0.6

  • Compatible with FF5 - FF7
  • New option for output of Unicode values instead of entities
  • Improved HTML5 export
  • Improved copying of equation bitmap to clipboard
  • Uses HTML5 internally

Firemath 0.5

  • Removed support for FF 3.
  • New: Preferences dialog.
  • New: Preference specifying if single chars are stored in history.
  • New: Preferences for hot-keys.
  • New: Entry in appmenu.
  • New: Shows release notes after update/install.
  • New: Shift-click on identifier button enforces <mn> element.
  • Fix: Improved checking for numbers.
  • Fix: Add root to composed object did not always work.
  • Change: Icons are SVG images, now.
  • Change: Spaces are pink in editing row, now.


  • Updated to support FF 4.0


  • Added comments to the source code according to reviewers request.

Firemath 0.4

  • New: Interpretation of simple LaTeX expressions.
  • New: Export of HTML5 code.
  • Removed: Support for FF 3.0
  • Fix: Inserting fences within fences did not work correctly.

Firemath 0.3.2

  • FF 3.6 added to supported browsers.
  • Change: Variables wrapped according to reviewers request.
  • Change: Favicon now set in a way that works with FF3.6.
  • New: Double, triple, quad primes.
  • Fix: More consistency in naming id's.
  • Fix: Correct XHTML export.

Firemath 0.3.1

  • Fix: Keyboard editing did result in strange behavior if Firemath was opened in multiple tabs.

Firemath 0.3

  • Change: Displays equation twice: In editing mode and properly rendered.
  • Change: Equation images get cropped to equation size for copying or saving.
  • New: Extensive keyboard support added.
  • New: Warning message about deleting a composed object can be disabled.
  • New: Greeting window shows Firemath version number.
  • New: CSS attributes added for better rendering under different Firefox themes.
  • Fix: Event listeners get removed before Firemath is reloaded.
  • Fix: ApplyFunction in composed objects should no longer result in rendering errors.

Firemath 0.2

  • FF 3.5 added to supported browsers
  • FF 2 removed as supported browser
  • Changed: Opens in empty or new tab
  • Changed: Comment added to dialog for saving/copying MathML
  • New: Copy equation bitmap to clipboard
  • New: Bases of subsup or underover expressions can be modified
  • New: (experimental) Some hotkeys defined
  • Fix: Remembers path if saving bitmap/MathML
  • Fix: \r\n in MathML on Windows hosts
  • Fix: Solved problems when saving equation bitmap as JPG, i.e. alpha channel is correct, now
  • Fix: Solved problems with color in editing mode

Firemath 0.1

  • Inital release.