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Firemath from and to Textarea

Postby Gauthier » Sun Jul 01, 2012 23:46 UTC

Hi, congratulations for Firemath.

Sorry to be long but this is not an easy matter :|

I have a Javascript Textarea and I managed using Firemath->MathML->Textarea.setHTML() to render a nice formula. When the textarea is disabled (when user cannot edit content), right click on formula will popup the "Edit in Firemath" option which successfuly loads Firemath and the correct formula, this is great.

After modifying the formula in Firemath, I would like to update my Textarea back. This would be great because the user would then be able to send his job to my server. What would be the shortest way? I am afraid it will not be easy, maybe I have to modify the code. If textarea have various formula, I will have to detect which one have been edited, this is not easy.

If not possible or too hard, I may ask the user to select his formula in Firemath once modified, copy it into clipboard and then paste it back into the textarea (I will have to unable the textarea in the meanwhile). This should work because in a unabled textarea I can select an existing formula, copy it to clipboard and paste it on another textarea. If I can do it from textarea1 to textarea2 I should be able to do it from Firemath to textarea but unfortunately I have not find any way to copy the formula to clipboard in Firemath. I can copy the mathML, in diferents ways but the formula rendered in firemath cannot be selected and the "copy object" option gives no results.

Thanks if any help.

Re: Firemath from and to Textarea

Postby firemath » Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:26 UTC

I am not sure if I understand your question. It makes sense to copy MathML code in either direction. How can you copy an object viz. an equation?
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